6 Powerful Plugins That Come with Multi-Carrier Shipping Solutions

Most customers consider shipping as the reason they choose to buy from a particular e-commerce website. You might decide to offer free shipping to customers, but free delivery is usually a challenge. On the contrary, offering high shipping costs could cause customers to abandon their shopping carts. The most effective way to offer affordable shipping is to install shipping software. Luckily, the innovation of multi-carrier shipping solutions has made it possible for many e-commerce business owners to offer free shipping. The good thing about multicarrier shipping solutions is that they come with numerous plug-ins that help streamline your shipping processes. Let’s check them out:

Multi-Carrier Shipping Plugin

1. Multicarrier shipping solutions come with shipping cost calculator

If your e-commerce website ships beyond borders, you need a shipping plugin to manage your shipping rates. Shipping cost calculator enables you to specify shipping rates based on merchandise size and weight, destination, number of merchandise, shipping class and place of origin. Ideally, the plugin takes care of all the calculations, saving you a lot of time.

2. Multicarrier shipping solutions come with drop shipping capabilities

Many e-commerce business owners are increasingly drifting towards dropshipping because it helps them cut costs related to keeping inventory in warehouses. In other words, they don’t hold any inventory. When a customer orders a product, they call the company manufacturing the product to deliver it to the customer. Dropshipping can be a daunting task if not appropriately managed. But with e-commerce shipping software, you can automate the whole process. Multicarrier shipping solutions come with plugins that automate and streamline dropshipping processes. Specifically, the drop shipping plug-in increases the efficiency of your e-commerce website and minimizes workload, remember that as long as you are able to manage shipping in one place, everything will be easier for you and your customers .

3. E-commerce shipping software features delivery time picker

This plugin allows customers to pick their preferred delivery date and time in order to receive their merchandise personally. This is advantageous to customers who buy high-value products from your e-commerce website, and so, they don’t want their merchandise to be left unguarded on their doorstep. If you’re running a robust e-commerce website, this is a must-have plug-in on your e-commerce website.

Multi Channel & Multi Carrier Ecommerce International Shipping

4. Multicarrier shipping solutions come with tracking plug-ins

In today’s world driven by technology, businesses are hard at work to integrate technology to compete. E-commerce businesses, especially, have to be on top of the game. One aspect that can keep them at the top is package tracking. Installing e-commerce shipping software with tracking capabilities enables customers to know the status and location of their merchandise. This capability allows for them to develop trust in your e-commerce business. Tracking capabilities also enable you to locate products from the warehouse easily and shorten shipping time.

5. Multicarrier shipping solutions come with multiple addresses plug-in

Your customer might want to buy one product for different people from different locations. This can present challenges, especially if you are handling it manually. With multiple addresses plug-in, it makes it easier for a client to buy the same item for numerous people from numerous locations without a hassle. With the plugin, a customer will not have to create multiple transactions for the same product.

6. You’ll find custom features in most multicarrier shipping solutions

You might be out there searching for a plugin to sort out a problem on your e-commerce website, but you don’t seem to find one. You can leverage custom features a plug-in that lets you create a plugin that can sort out that problem. The cool thing about custom features plug-in is that it enables you to tweak the various parameters and options in the plugin to get precisely what you want.


However, you don’t need to implement all these plug-ins to delight your customers. Your customers and products should be the priority. So you need to figure out what’s best for them and you’ll be fine. But if you can install all the plug-ins discussed above, you’ll have a significant advantage over your competitors.

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